Meet Brad Shields

Wellington rugby player Brad Shields has joined the Red Cross team.

We've signed a new player to the Red Cross team this year!

 Rugby player Brad Shields has come on board to help us spread the word about Red Cross. He admits he didn’t know much about Red Cross when he jumped on board, but has been exceptionally impressed by the organisation the more he has learned about it.

His association with Red Cross kicked off with the 'Give for good. Shop for good.' retail shop campaign in March, before he joined the Red Cross Journey fundraising event in May, which raised close to $45,000.  

Brad says taking part in Red Cross Journey was an easy way to support Red Cross’ good work in the community and overseas.  He and his fiancée Lou started the Journey together, until Lou began feeling pretty crook. Then – much to the excitement of the Wellington couple – they discovered Lou’s illness was due to the fact they were expecting their first child, due in November.

“Once we found out Lou was pregnant it explained why she was so unwell. . . she is keen to join us again on the next one, which will be May next year. We are looking forward to it being a family affair with Lou, baby, Mac [their French bulldog] and me next time.”

‘Here for good’ is the Red Cross slogan, and it is one that Brad has adopted personally. Brad says “It surprised me how good helping makes you feel. I've really enjoyed creating awareness and understanding of what other people do. It's been a real eye opener.”

He's looking forward to more people joining him on the Red Cross Journey next year, and also being able to support other Red Cross initiatives.