10 Good Stories

Scroll down to watch ten short videos, showing how we helped one in five Cantabrians through the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Programme. 

Story 1: Cash Grants - the Jackson family

 How $98 million in cash grant helped the Jackson family and hundreds of thousands of greater Christchurch residents recover from the earthquakes.

Story 2: Community partnerships

Red Cross partnered with a range of Christchurch community organisations, making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people after the earthquakes.

Story 3: Psychosocial support

The earthquakes gave us the opportunity to develop and hold well-being workshops and Psychological First Aid and training after the Canterbury earthquakes.

Story 4: Outreach and door-knocking

How Red Cross' outreach and door-knocking projects in neighbourhoods most affected by the earthquakes helped the recovery of residents and communities.

Story 5: Bounce.org.nz

Bounce.org.nz is an initiative to promote the five ways to well-being in a positive, relevant way to young Cantabrians.  

Story 6: Schoolchildren's grants

Red Cross provided $6.9 million to 179 schools across Canterbury, to help the recovery of schoolchildren affected by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

Story 7: Community-led grants

We gave $2 million to 57 grass-roots community organisations that were established post-quake, so we could reach and help different corners of the greater Christchurch population.

Story 8: Community Transport

Established after the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes, our volunteer-run community transport programme helps socially isolated and vulnerable people attend crucial medical appointments and activities.

Story 9: Disaster Welfare Support Team training

Red Cross volunteer disaster response teams across the country train regularly to respond whenever they're needed. This video follows the Christchurch team as they speak about their experiences following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

Story 10: Here For Good

Red Cross in Canterbury is much bigger than just the earthquake recovery. We organise meals on wheels, community transport, first aid training, disaster response, help former refugees find work, and have designed first aid and hazard apps for mobile phones. We're Here For Good.