Youth digital project

After the earthquakes, many schools merged or closed. Young people were often exposed to intense stress factors at home. The psychosocial wellbeing of children and youth needed attention, so we used digital technology to reach out to those in need.


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A glimpse into how we helped

A base for support

In 2012 we launched the Address The Stress website to provide young Cantabrians with ways to deal with tough circumstances. As needs changed, that site became Bounce in 2015. Bounce is led by young volunteers who generate online content, encouraging emotional well-being and resilience.

Focus on well-being

Bounce's motto is "Live Life Well" and all website and social media content relates to five themes surrounding this motto. The themes are: make a difference, keep doing what you love, treat your body well, connect with others and know yourself.

Opening up the conversation

The most important things we could do for young people were to:

  • Lead by example and start the conversation
  • De-stigmatise the act of asking for help
  • Inspire them to live a healthy, balanced life
  • Highlight community services such as Youthline, The Lowdown and the Mental Health Foundation.