Mental Health Matters

The New Zealand Red Cross course, Mental Health & Wellbeing courses develop an understanding of mental health, mental distress and how it may affect you, your work colleagues and your family/whānau.

Why mental health matters!

The Red Cross Mental Health Matters course develops an understanding of the mental health continuum and opens up the conversation about mental health in the workplace.

We use “LOOK, LISTEN, LINK” which provides a framework and a support process to give practical tools and strategies to help someone who may need mental health support.

The programme also provides organisations and teams with the tools to be better identify, understand, and manage mental health issues in their workplace.

After attending the course a participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of mental health, mental distress and mental illness and how it affects family/whānau and work colleagues.
  • Gain a support process and practical skills of the Look, Listen, Link framework to help someone who may need mental health support.
  • Leave with tools to create a positive mental health environment in the workplace

The Learning Objectives of the Mental health matters course are:

1.      Understand mental health in the New Zealand Context: raising awareness regarding mental health, mental distress and mental illness.

2.      Develop an approach to supporting those who may need assistance due to their current mental health: The LOOK, LISTEN, LINK support framework.

3.      Create an open discussion for Workplace Wellness

Module One:

  • Why does mental health matter?.
  • Defining mental wellbeing and illness.
  • The impacts of stress, distress and mental illness.
  • Legal obligations.
Module Two

  • LOOK: Awareness of mental health issues.
  • LOOK: Common mental illnesses.
  • LISTEN: How to check in, listen and respond.
  • LISTEN: What to do if someone may be a suicide risk.
  • LINK: Support and assistance.
  • LINK: Connect

Module Three

  • Workplace wellness: Creating a positive work culture to support mental wellbeing.

Recommended for

Anyone who may have a role in supporting staff, colleagues, community members or whānau, in particular:

  • Front line, public facing staff
  • Workplace managers and supervisors
  • Health, safety and well-being teams
  • Peer supporters
  • Emergency management first responders
  • Organisations and groups with psychosocial support responsibilities under NZ Civil Defence legislation.