Event first aid

Whether you're running a community, sports or school event, trained Red Cross first aid instructors can be on hand to keep everyone safe.

Keep your event participants safe

As an event organiser, you'll want to ensure everyone attending your event can be seen to as quickly as possible, and that you have effective first aid on hand, should the need arise. As leaders in first aid, our staff and volunteers can offer first aid skills at your event.

Some events pose higher risks than others, including sports events and events where young children are present, but by using our trained event first aid teams, you will have peace of mind that injuries will be seen to quickly, and that appropriate care is delivered.

With no minimum attendance fees we can support events of all sizes, and we offer reduced rates for charities and smaller groups who may have limited funding. We want you to enjoy your day, and be safe while doing so.

Book our event first aid team

To discuss your requirements and obtain a quote, get in touch with our team:


0800 REDCROSS (733 276)