Taste of Cultures recipe book

Support work with refugee-background Kiwis, and vulnerable groups across Aotearoa while cooking up a storm! You can now buy a digital version of the recipe book for only $10.

Mona and her delicious tabbouleh - a recipe she has shared in our Taste of Cultures recipe book.

A cultural journey

Open “Taste of Cultures” and discover the delicious food and unique stories behind each chef and their recipes. This book is much more than a recipe book – it’s a journey of people and their stories.

Former refugees now living in New Zealand have shared some of their traditional recipes that, for many families, have been passed on from generation to generation. "Taste of Cultures" explores their traditions, their culture, their journey and their new life in their new home.

These 29 mouth-watering recipes from Colombia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Poland will make you want to cross the world, or simply the street, to discover more about these cultures. You’re bound to have some neighbours with stories as unique as the ones in this book.

Here are three examples of recipes present in the book:

Tabbouleh Recipe (PNG)
Crispy Vegetables Pakoras Recipe (PNG)
Fried Chicken Biryani (PNG)

We have tied an old tradition of creating cook books with our current work of supporting new Kiwis resettled in New Zealand. (Our very first cook book was published almost 100 years ago as a fundraiser during World War One.) 

All proceeds from these books will support our essential services - Meals on Wheels and Migration Programmes – as well as our COVID-19 emergency response work alongside the Ministry of Health and local Civil Defence groups. These essential services are continuing throughout the Level 4 restrictions, and we are ensuring that our staff and volunteers are safe and following all recommended hygiene practices to slow the spread. 

We have been inundates with orders of the recipe book! We thank you so much for your support. We are now selling online versions only, however we will have a wait-list for orders of the printed book.

Grab your copy now!

Prices for recipe books are:

  • $10 Taste of Cultures digital version
  • $25 Taste of Cultures print version (we will arrange collection in your area)
  • $32 Taste of Cultures print version (including shipping)
  • $60 pack of three printed books (we will arrange collection in your area)
  • $67 pack of three printed books (including shipping)

Cook along at home!

Check out our Facebook event pagefor details on the social media competitions that we have running through May. We will be releasing three incredible recipes from our refugee background whānau and asking you to cook the recipe at home, take a photo and hashtag #TasteofCultures. 

Tune in for a cook along with Dawit, one of the recipe book contributors who will showing us how to cook a Doro Wet, a traditional chicken dish from Ethiopia. 

Any questions get in touch Getfundraising@redcross.org.nz.