Stand in their Shoes

Join us in celebrating cultures and World Refugee Day. Stand in someone else's shoes, and share your story.

Kiwis come from all sorts of backgrounds and we all have a story to share. 

To join the Stand in their Shoes campaign, simply swap your shoes with a neighbour, colleague, classmate or friend. Take a moment to learn more about each other, and upload a photo to social media, using #standintheirshoes.

The campaign runs from 10 June to 24 June, encompassing World Refugee Day on 20 June.

Stand in their Shoes - how to take part

1. Swap shoes with a neighbour, colleague, classmate or friend.

2. Take a moment to experience what life is like in their shoes

3. Take a photo wearing each other's shoes and share it with us on facebook, twitter or instagram, using the hashtag #standintheirshoes. Remember to tag @NZRedCross too.

By tagging @NZRedCross alongside your photo, you automatically enter in the draw to win a hamper filled with food from around the world. If you’re happy to feature on our website, send your photo to to enter the draw. The prize will go to the best story or photo and the competition ends on 25 June at 8pm.

Watch people in someone else's shoes

Check out our gallery

See the photos that people have sent in so far, and read stories about people celebrating one another's cultures. We're keen to get as many cultures in our gallery as possible, whether you're from New Zealand and Japan, like Matt and Mayumi; or from Samoa and New Zealand, like Marie and Yvonne.

Media enquiries

Our Secretary General Tony Paine encourages all Kiwis to get involved. "Whether you were born on the family farm or are the first in your family to call New Zealand home, every Kiwi has a unique cultural story to share. This is a chance to reach out and meet your neighbours - something we all benefit from. Getting to know your neighbours helps build stronger and more resilient communities."

For more information, contact:

Hanna Butler

Communications Manager

027 836 5529