Supporter promise

We're proud of the high regard in which we're held by the people we work with. We want to ensure New Zealand Red Cross supporters have full confidence in us and our appeals.

It's extremely important to us at New Zealand Red Cross that people donating to us, fundraising for us, and supporting us know that we are completely professional, effective and transparent in how we help people in need, both here in New Zealand communities and around the world.

Our Supporter Promise

All donors have the following rights:

  1. To be clear about our mission and how New Zealand Red Cross intends to spend their donations
  2. To know that their donation will be used for the purpose for which it was given
  3. To trust information about their donation will remain confidential to the extent provided by law
  4. To be assured their donation will be banked promptly and spent within a reasonable time
  5. To receive appropriate thanks and recognition
  6. To receive, upon request, all published financial statements
  7. To know complaints will be taken seriously, handled promptly and responses will be sent swiftly
  8. To seek accurate professional advice on tax efficient giving methods
  9. To receive prompt and accurate answers to questions
  10. To be provided with reports on the way funds have been spent
  11. To be treated professionally and with respect during fundraising campaigns
  12. To choose to be excluded from any future solicitations
  13. To expect there is a fair and proper balance between the interests of donors and the aims and objectives of New Zealand Red Cross
  14. To know there is no obligation to buy an incentive or to return it
  15. To know whether an individual soliciting funds is a volunteer, an employee, a hired solicitor or other
  16. To have the right to remain anonymous
  17. To know donor names will never be sold
  18.  To request their name not be exchanged for fundraising purposes
  19. To have the right to escalate a complaint to New Zealand Red Cross’ Board of Directors and, if still not satisfied, to submit a complaint directly to the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand.

* Adapted from the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s Donor Bill of Rights as approved at the 43rd Session of Executive Council, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - ref CE/11/1

FINZ: Fundraising Institute of New Zealand Accreditation

A member of FINZ

We are proud members of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand. FINZ provides a high level of support and transparency to organisations and supporters alike. 

" The Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) is the professional body that represents fundraising in New Zealand. In delivering its mission, FINZ is concerned with:

Being a member of FINZ means that we will always uphold a high degree of professionalism, integrity and honesty in all our fundraising practices. If you'd like to know more about FINZ, Click Here.

Why do we need to fundraise?

New Zealand Red Cross does receive some government funding for specific contracts, e.g. international aid workers, refugee resettlement, and some Meals on Wheels services. However, these contracts never cover all of the costs involved in providing the service. And, of course, once we get into a community and start helping, our staff and volunteers see many other ways we could help - if only we had the funds! The more money we can raise, the more we can help.

We also understand that sometimes our regular and loyal supporters have other financial needs and have to stop giving to us for a while. So we always need to find new people to support us, to help maintain the breadth and depth of the programmes we offer.

How do we fundraise?

Because different people give in different ways, we run a variety of fundraising programmes so that there's something to suit everyone who wants to support us:

  • Project Partners (our regular givers)
  • Direct mail donors (our loyal supporters)
  • Bequests (leaving a lasting legacy)
  • Social enterprise (our first aid and retail business operations)
  • Corporate support (our partnerships with businesses)
  • Trusts and foundations (one-off grants from funding organisations)
  • Community fundraising and events (fundraising activities in your local community)

Do we get financial help from ICRC or IFRC?

The International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC), is the member body to which all the national societies belong and which keeps us informed of all the things happening around the world. If we have an emergency here in New Zealand, like the Canterbury earthquakes, other Red Cross national societies give us money from the fundraising they do in their countries - just like we do when we run a special appeal for a cause overseas. We don't get funds from IFRC itself.

Our international network and our established volunteers on the ground are key reasons why Red Cross is so effective at getting aid to where it's needed in the most efficient way. Other humanitarian organisations often don't, to any great extent, already operate in the countries that suddenly need help. So they often don't have the valuable resource of people on the ground - knowing the country, knowing the communities - all ready to go.

Our other international body, the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) is based in Geneva and is the main part of Red Cross' that responds to conflict situations. They respond to requests for help from the local Red Cross national society in each country. When the ICRC provides assistance anywhere in the world, they need financial support from all the national societies to provide help where it's needed. The ICRC doesn't support us - we support them to do the crucial work they do, in sometimes dangerous circumstances. If they were ever needed in New Zealand, they'd be here - no questions asked.

Where does your money go?

 If you would like to know more about the financial side of things take a look at our annual reports.

How can you donate?

There are many ways you can donate to help the work Red Cross does - wherever you are, we're right there too. The most efficient way is by giving a regular amount each month, as a Project Partner.

If you wish to give a one-off donation, the most efficient way is here on our website.

You can also give at our shops, service centres, via internet banking, cheque or over the phone. There's more info about all that on our payment options page.