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Help support refugees Help support refugees

New Zealand Red Cross is offering concerned Kiwis some practical ideas on how you can help make a difference in the refugee crisis. Read more

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Book first aid training with New Zealand Red Cross - the leading first aid provider in New Zealand.

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From delivering Meals on Wheels to resettling refugee families in New Zealand, our dedicated volunteers are people just like you, offering to help.

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Whether you have an hour or a dollar, you can help make a difference.

Mediterranean Refugee Crisis
Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

Small things that mean survival

In a dark room at the top of three flights of crumbling, water-logged stairs, Ameena sits with her two sons who both have severe disabilities.

Refugee Resettlement in New Zealand
Refugee Resettlement in New Zealand

What you get back

The experience of migrating to New Zealand from Samoa has helped volunteer Angie Tapelu connect with the former refugee family she is helping to settle into their new Kiwi home.

Aid workers blog
Aid workers blog

No food, no water, no mercy

At the Macedonian border with Greece, Kiwi aid worker Corinne, witnesses thousands of people trying to flee to safety. People remind her of her family, she thinks of her own mother. What if it was she who had to walk for months with no way to wash, clean her clothes, feed her children?
2 September 2015