The Korean School of Wellington is a hive of activity each Saturday morning. There’s constant coming and going, and parents gather in the foyer to socialise while their children finish Korean language lessons.

This hustle and bustle is why Dahee Sohn has chosen the school for community consultations on emergency preparedness; it’s the perfect place to meet and talk to a wide variety of people within the Korean community. 

The consultations are part of a project being run by Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) and New Zealand Red Cross that is helping get migrant and former refugee communities in the region prepared for a disaster by ensuring they can access essential information in their own languages.

The English version of WREMO’s new emergency preparedness guide, Now is the Time: Your Earthquake Planning Guide, is already available throughout the Wellington region. As part of the next step, 15 community groups are working on translating the guide into their respective languages.

The idea behind the project is to have this preparedness resource available in common languages around Wellington so that culturally and linguistically diverse communities are confident and prepared during a disaster.

Dahee decided to get involved in the project when she heard about it through her university. She and her team spent three weeks translating the document and now they are consulting with their community to make sure the content is fully understood.

Once the project is complete, Red Cross plans to use the materials in its Pathways to Settlement programme, delivering emergency preparedness workshops to former refugees.

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To find out how to prepare yourself for an earthquake, check out the new guide here.