Children often bear the brunt of war. Their youth is disrupted, their dreams are put on hold, they are uprooted and forced to flee their homeland, they are separated from their loved ones, and too many are injured and killed. There are currently nearly 26 million refugees in the world, half of whom are under the age of 18.

As Dunedin marks five years since the city welcomed the first family under the Refugee Quota programme, we have met some of these young people who have rebuilt a peaceful life in Dunedin, away from the bombs and bullets. In the last five years, these youth have had to pick up English, adapt to the weather, learn a new school system, make new friends, plan their future and go through many other adjustments. It’s certainly been a journey for them, but New Zealand Red Cross and the Dunedin community have supported them along the way.

Listen to their stories, new life and hopes and dreams in the video below.