What does being a Refugee Support Volunteer involve?

It’s primarily about being empathetic towards the people we’re supporting. It’s also about having the ability to lend some time and help to people who have recently arrived in New Zealand as refugees.

What inspired you to volunteer?

The idea of being a buddy to former refugees coming from difficult situations and helping them to understand the local community. That made me really look forward to being a volunteer. I was also inspired by the thought of partnering with Red Cross, because of the amazing work they do, and playing my part in the local community.

What do you know now that you didn’t when you started volunteering?

I know many things now that I didn’t know at the beginning of my placement six months ago!I’m amazed by the incredible amount of work we can do just by lending a few hours during the week. I was really amazed by how much work we’ve done at the end of six months.

What’s your favourite part about being a Refugee Support Volunteer?

I have many favourites but I love explaining the rules and laws in the local community to former refugees. It can be a bit hard to explain sometimes but it really made me think about how important and integral to society rules are.

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