The Indian Red Cross, with the support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, is working alongside authorities to help the people of India with lifesaving medical equipment including oxygen cylinders, ventilators, anti-viral drugs, blood services, testing and vaccinations.

Thousands of Indian Red Cross volunteers and hundreds of health teams are helping run quarantine centres, providing oxygen cylinders to people with severe COVID-19 symptoms and stepping up vaccinations, while also providing free masks, soap and gloves to those most at risk. 

  • More than 46,000 Red Cross staff and volunteers across 550 districts are supporting COVID-19 response efforts. 
  • More than 31 million cooked meals and dry rations have been given to migrants and people in host communities. 
  • Red Cross has delivered medicines and food to more than 276,000 highly vulnerable people. 
  • More than 770,000 people have been assisted with psychosocial support.

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