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Help those in crisis and conflict

South Sudan is a new country with devastating health needs. When conflict broke out at the end of 2013 New Zealand Red Cross aid workers were forced to divert desperately need resources from treating people with diseases like cholera, diarrhoea and malaria. Men, women and children with horrendous war wounds became the priority.

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Help those in crisis

When communities are devastated by conflict or disaster everyone suffers, but none are more vulnerable than the children. Right now throughout the Middle East, children and their families affected by conflict are living without adequate shelter, in transit camps and war zones, enduring bitterly cold conditions, as heavy snow falls.

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Kiwi nurse making a difference in South Sudan

When Judy Owen first met patient Lucia Aljack she couldn’t even touch the sheets on her bed without the injured woman jumping from the pain. A few months down the track she is teaching Lucia how to desensitise the stump on her amputated right leg by rubbing a small comb across it and how to exercise her remaining leg, which is badly broken.

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