Coastal storm inundation

Learn how to prepare for and what to do following coastal storm inundation in New Zealand.

Every household should create and practice a Household Emergency Plan. It's also important to have emergency survival items and a getaway kit. As well as this, every household should plan and practice what to do if storm inundation happens.

What to do

  1. Determine your risk.
  2. Get your household ready.
  3. Make an evacuation plan.
  4. Keep an ‘in case of coastal storm inundation’ to-do list.

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More information on how to prepare for and what to do following a coastal-storm inundation:

Coastal storm inundation (PDF)

More about coastal inundation

Coastal inundation can be a threat to the safety of inhabitants of low-lying coastal areas. Coastal inundation is the flooding of coastal lands by raised ocean waters. It can be made worse by flooding in adjacent lowland rivers. Most coastal inundation problems have arisen from coastal development located in low-lying coastal areas, or areas located too close to the shoreline.

Coastal inundation can cause substantial damage to public and private property, including the contents of buildings. It can cause a breakdown of transport and communications.