Recovery Matters workplace workshops

Supporting people during recovery from disasters and emergencies can be challenging. Our workshops empower employers so they can support their staff and clients.

Recovery Matters

We're committed to supporting workplaces who work with communities in recovery, such as those who were impacted by the Canterbury earthquakes. Your staff and volunteers may hear personal recovery stories from the communities they work in, providing support and giving information. Carrying out their work in this environment takes energy and care.

‘Our Role in Recovery’ workshop helps workplaces understand the recovery process in the context of their organisation. The workshop gives strategies for staff and volunteers who are involved in community recovery.

Why train with New Zealand Red Cross?

We're part of an international humanitarian movement with more than 100 years of experience helping people through disasters and recoveries.

This workshop sits within a wider psychosocial recovery training portfolio, which has been developed with input from leading international disaster recovery experts. These include the International Federation of Red Cross, Australian Red Cross, Dr Rob Gordon, Dr Sarb Johal and the All Right? team. The workshop provides practical tips and tools to help people through the recovery process. It also helps clients understand the science of stress and its impact on ourselves, our colleagues and our clients.

How does it work?

The workshop is led by trained Red Cross facilitators. All workshop content is evidence-based, clinically accurate and accessible to a wide audience. Materials include real stories from New Zealand and the international community.

Workshops can be run as one 3-4 hour session or over two 2 hour sessions, depending on your workplace needs. You provide the venue, and we provide the facilitators and all training materials.

Valued at more than $1000, this workshop is free until June 2016 for businesses, agencies, non-profit and community-based organisations.

What does it cover?

Workshop content is based on the following seven modules:

  • The multifaceted impacts of emergencies. This includes understanding the social, physical, emotional and spiritual impact on people and communities, and the meaning of secondary stress, resilience and vulnerability
  • Responses in recovery. This covers the effects of stress and evidence-based strategies for combating stress in recovery
  • How staff and volunteers in support roles can best provide psychosocial support in recovery
  • Working inclusively with diverse communities. This includes specific recovery considerations for supporting people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with a disability, younger people and older people
  • Communication techniques and strategies, and how to protect ourselves as listeners
  • How staff of rebuild-related industries can get the best our of their role, for themselves and their clients
  • Well being in the workplace - looking after yourself.

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