Disaster, conflict and appeal response

In times of disaster, conflict and emergency we offer assistance through our global network.

The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is present not just during disasters, but also in preparation beforehand and recovery afterwards.

We are part of the largest humanitarian network in the world, reaching 150 million people in 190 countries through the work of 13 million volunteers. The strength of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is in our volunteer network, our community-based expertise and our ability to give vulnerable people a voice.

As part of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, we can draw on our capacity and knowledge as the largest humanitarian organisation in the world and our unique international standing. In times of disaster, conflict and emergency we offer assistance in a neutral and impartial manner, independent of any cultural, religious or political affiliations.

We ensure that assistance is delivered fast and efficiently to people affected by disasters - through providing funding, experienced and trained people, and appropriate relief items.

Our current activities:

  1. International aid worker programme, deploying highly-skilled Kiwi aid workers into areas of disaster and conflict.
  2. A pool of technical specialists for disaster response missions in the Pacific.
  3. Telecommunications emergency response unit (ERU) staffed, resourced and available to deploy with five people for three months, available within five days of request.
  4. Specialist water distribution, treatment and desalination capability with specialists ready to deploy on request to the Pacific.
  5. We maintain warehouses and emergency relief supplies to support disaster response operations in the wider Asia Pacific region.

Where we have recently sent relief supplies and aid:

  • Vanuatu and the Pacific - Cyclone Pam
  • Nepal - Earthquake
  • Whanganui, New Zealand - Floods
  • Tuvalu – Drought
  • East Africa – Water/Sanitation
  • Philippines - Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda
  • Cuba – Hurricane Sandy
  • Haiti - Hurricane Sandy
  • Australia – Queensland floods
  • Samoa – Cyclone Evan