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Read our stories filled with humanity, resilience and the spirit of volunteering. They show how your support is helping vulnerable people in New Zealand and around the world.

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7 May 2024

Relaunching the international humanitarian law collection at Napier Library

On 8 May 2024, Napier Library re-launched their international humanitarian law collection. First opened in 2006 by then New Zealand Red Cross National President Jocelyn Lady Keith CBE, the collection is once again available to the public after the library refurbished their buildings. The following is the speech delivered at the relaunch event by our current National President Kerry Nickels.

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6 May 2024

A little bit about the Florence Nightingale Medal

The Florence Nightingale Medal is the highest Red Cross award for nurses and voluntary nursing aides. Named after the famed British nurse, it honours people who’ve distinguished themselves in times of peace or war.

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13 December 2023

University of Auckland wins 2023 IHL Moot

The University of Auckland won New Zealand Red Cross IHL Moot Court Competition 2023. Future lawyers this year argued on a scenario around alleged war crimes committed by President Cosmo Mosco of the Republic of Canciferous and his military.

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9 December 2022

University of Auckland wins 2022 IHL Moot

Law students from three New Zealand universities recently competed in an International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moot competition held in Wellington.

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IHL Moot 2022

23 November 2022

IHL Moot – fostering the next generation of law leaders

For nearly a decade, Jane has been a judge of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moot competition, which brings aspiring lawyers from around the country together to debate complex issues with real world implications. 

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