Workplace First Aid

Choose your NZQA accredited Workplace First Aid course relative to your workplace risk with 3 course options.

Choose your course

Workplace - Medium to high risk


Comprehensive First Aid is our most popular course designed to meet the requirements of workplace first aid for many industries and a prerequisite for further advanced training.

Workplace - Low risk

Essential First Aid is for people who work in low risk workplaces and clubs. It's a great course if you want to use first aid at home, and if you want to learn the basic essentials of first aid.

First Aid Revalidation

Revalidation is for people who have a first aid certificate issued by an accredited training provider, who need to revalidate their certificate.

Choose how to complete your training

You may choose one of three ways to complete your training which can reduce your time in the classroom by up to four hours.

Classroom - Complete all training in the classroom

Online - Complete your pre-course learning online, reducing your classroom session by four hours

App - Complete your pre-course learning using the First Aid and Emergency App, reducing your classroom session by four hours

Or choose from our range of industry specific courses