Our wonderful New Zealand Red Cross community collectively speaks over 30 languages. This website includes key information in some of these languages.   

Arabic |عربي

မြန်မာ | Burmese

Dari | دری

Farsi | فارسی

Most information on this website is in English.  There are some translations available on these pages: 

Find missing family overseas

Find a job

Trauma counselling

Language support for government services 

If you need language support while using government services, you always can ask for an interpreter.  

Many government agencies and councils can assist with interpreting support for face-to-face meetings, video or phone calls. Ministry for Ethnic Communities has information in 23 different languages.

Language support when calling government services | Ministry for Ethnic Communities 

Language support through radio  

Radio content in 54 languages is produced by communities through 12 access radio stations across Aotearoa. Check out if there’s a radio programme in the language that people you work with speak.

Access Media NZ

We will continue to add languages and translated materials to our website. We love feedback.  Let us know what you would like to see in your language.

Email: migration@redcross.org.nz