Get involved

It's people like you that make our work possible.

Our work is diverse and far reaching, and would not be possible without the efforts of our amazing members, volunteers, staff and supporters.

We are always on the look out for energetic members, dedicated volunteers and experienced staff to join us in our humanitarian efforts. 

Become a member

Members make our world go round. 

They form our branches and groups and make up our governing committees.  Members are also essential for the work we do locally and many of our fundraising initiatives.

How you can volunteer

Every part of our organisation relies on volunteers to make it work – from our retail shops through to recovery work in Christchurch.  Imagine yourself as a team member, responding to emergencies throughout the country, or landing your dream job in the fashion industry because of your volunteer work at one of our shops. 

Our volunteers make a difference in New Zealand every day.

Annual appeal

With our Annual Appeal just around the corner, here is your chance to give a few hours of your time to make a real difference.  

Fundraise for us

We love our fundraisers!

Everyday kiwis make a difference by helping us fundraise.  Every dollar raised will go towards supporting the work we do in your community.

Working for us

Have you ever dreamed of working for an international humanitarian organisation?

Well, you’re in luck – we’re hiring!