In early September, Betty Tannous conducted an Essential First Aid and Save a Life course for staff members at the Woolston Club in Christchurch, little did she know at the time that within a week those skills would help save a life.

One of her students was at an awards ceremony at the Woolston Club when the presenter suddenly fell from the stage. She had lost consciousness and wasn’t breathing. One of Betty’s students stepped in, began performing CPR and asked for an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). Three shocks were administered after following the prompts from the AED, bringing the casualty back to consciousness. An ambulance arrived minutes later, and the person involved is now alive and well.

“To have helped save a life felt fantastic,” Betty says. “Just knowing that the participants were listening to what I was teaching and followed my instructions.”

Betty first took a first aid course in 1997 and has been involved with first aid ever since; teaching first aid, infection control and workplace health and safety for many years in Australia before shifting to New Zealand. She has been a New Zealand Red Cross first aid instructor for five months now.

While the incident renewed Betty’s excitement for first aid training, she talks a lot about first aid wherever she goes.

“The more people that know what to do in an emergency, the more lives are saved.” 

Red Cross’ first aid courses are practical and hands-on, giving Kiwis the skills to use when they need them most. With a range of courses on offer, you can find one to suit you. Book a Red Cross first aid course today.