Governance and leadership

Find out how Red Cross is structured, meet our senior leadership team and Board members

Governance Documents

Board charter (PDF)
Code of conduct for members and volunteers (PDF)
New Zealand Red Cross Constitution (2013) (PDF)


Members make up our local branches and groups. Members also come together to form our area councils. Area councils from each region have representatives at National Council. The National Council elects our National Board, which governs our organisation.


Along with governance, the National Board also appoints our Secretary General. Our Secretary General appoints staff, who support members as they volunteer, deliver services, raise money and promote the work we do. Our National Youth Panel represent a youth perspective at a governance level.

Board members:

  • Kerry Nickels, National President
  • Pip Stewart, National Vice President
  • Sarita Aldred, Youth Representative
  • John Dyer
  • Warren Johnstone
  • Sue Ineson
  • Wendy Lau 
  • Scott Tambisari
  • Patrick Cummings

Executive Leadership Team:

  • Niamh Lawless - Secretary General
  • Anne Smith - GM Commercial and Shared Services
  • Vivienne Euini - GM International (Acting)
  • Rachel O'Connor - GM Migration
  • Angela Sutherland - GM Disaster Risk Management
  • Shaun Greaves - GM Humanitarian Development
  • Angela Calkin Goeres - GM Communications, Marketing, Fundraising (Acting)
  • Shane Chisholm - Strategy Delivery Manager

Meet our Secretary General

Niamh Lawless joined New Zealand Red Cross in June 2017 as our Secretary General

Originally from Ireland, Niamh along with husband Stuart, moved to New Zealand 13 years ago and is happily settled in Wellington. Niamh (pronounced ‘Neve’) holds New Zealand and Irish citizenship.

In her most recent role as Chief Executive of SCOUTS New Zealand, Niamh led the development of a 10 year strategic plan. She influenced significant positive cultural change, which resulted in a Scouting Movement of volunteers and staff working together as ‘One Team’.  

Prior to SCOUTS New Zealand, Niamh began her career as a chartered accountant. She went on to hold a variety of leadership roles in not-for-profit and government organisations in New Zealand and overseas. Her roles include international aid development work in Africa and she was Deputy Chief Executive for Barnardos New Zealand. 

Niamh Lawless, Secretary General of New Zealand Red Cross

Meet our President

Kerry Nickels became our President in November 2018

Kerry Nickels is a lawyer who has held legal, governance and commercial roles in retail, utilities and financial businesses. She joined the New Zealand Red Cross National Board in November 2015 and was voted in as President in November 2018.

“As the call to assist vulnerable people here and overseas increases, it is encouraging to see the dedication and generosity of our Red Cross people. Further opportunities and challenges will arise as the world changes, but I am sure we will still be assisting vulnerable people in the next century.”

Kerry Nickels, President of New Zealand Red Cross