Information for members

Anyone who works with Red Cross on an ongoing voluntary basis is a member.  Learn all about Red Cross through the induction manual, code of conduct and member's handbook.

Induction handbook - all about New Zealand Red Cross

Part 1 of our induction includes an introduction to New Zealand Red Cross, our mission and fundamental principles.

You'll learn about how our organisation is connected to the international Red Cross societies, what programmes and activities we offer, and how we are governed.

Induction handbook part 1 (PDF)

Induction handbook - volunteering in New Zealand

Part 2 of our induction  handbook provides details about the importance of members as volunteers, and what we can expect from our partnership together.  You'll learn about how we can support you, and what policies we have in place.  

We're excited to welcome you to the Red Cross family.

Induction handbook part 2 (PDF)

Code of conduct

Read about the standards of behaviour we expect from Red Cross people, including the fundamental responsibilities, acting in a fair and honest way, maintaining good relationships, and more.

Code of conduct for members (PDF)

Members' handbook and policies

Get a comprehensive overview of New Zealand Red Cross, from the nomination and election procedures for area councils and the Board, to governance procedures and policies, and administration and finance procedures.

Members' Handbook 2017 (PDF)
Policies for Members (PDF)

Brand Standards

This guide contains tools, inspiration and examples to help New Zealand Red Cross members present our brand in the most professional and consistent way possible. It’s a guide we can all use to uphold and protect an unmistakable visual identity that unites our organisation’s many activities.

Brand Standards Oct 2017 (PDF)

Good and Ready Guide

The Members' Guide to being Good and Ready in Your Neighbourhood outlines how Red Cross members can get prepared for disasters and help others, from preparing yourself and your household to coordinating with your community.

Members' Good and Ready Guide (PDF)