Investing in resilience: ASB joins Disaster Response Alliance

21 September 2023

For New Zealand to be prepared for emergencies we need everyone’s help. We’re delighted that ASB has joined our Disaster Response Alliance this year. Their commitment helps our Disaster Welfare and Support Teams to be ready to respond at a moment’s notice and strengthens community resilience.

ASB has been a strong supporter of New Zealand Red Cross’ work, including donating $2 million to the New Zealand Disaster Fund for our work helping communities affected by Cyclone Gabrielle and the other severe weather events of early 2023. This generous donation combined with the contributions of thousands of other Kiwi individuals, businesses, and trusts has allowed us to support hard-hit communities as they recover.

ASB is now boosting their commitment to help Aotearoa New Zealand prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters by becoming a Red Cross Disaster Response Alliance partner. As an Alliance partner, ASB is supporting our Disaster Welfare and Support Teams, so that we can be ready to respond at a moment’s notice during an emergency. They're also strengthening community resilience by sharing useful emergency preparedness tips with ASB teams and customers.

ASB's Lohit Kalburgi with NZRC's National President Kerry Nickels

ASB's Lohit Kalburgi with our National President Kerry Nickels

ASB Executive Manager Commercial Partnerships Mark Graham says this strong partnership is another example of ASB’s purpose in action. “We are proud to partner with New Zealand Red Cross and become part of the Disaster Response Alliance to help make a positive difference in the lives of New Zealanders during an emergency or disaster," he says.

ASB joining our Disaster Response Alliance is an incredible boost for our work helping New Zealanders in emergencies and disasters, New Zealand Red Cross Secretary General Sarah Stuart-Black says. "With the increasing number and severity of emergencies affecting communities in Aotearoa New Zealand, ASB is leading by example as a business that is prioritising support for the work of New Zealand Red Cross so we can be ready whenever and wherever communities need us.” 

Enabling us to respond quickly 

We’re being called on more often to support communities in need, and when a disaster strikes our Disaster Welfare and Support Team volunteers are ready to respond in 20 locations around the country.

These highly committed volunteers train regularly to learn a set of skills that are essential to support communities in an emergency. These include comprehensive first aid, psychological first aid, and welfare support. They also participate in scenario-based exercises with other response teams to prepare for swift and coordinated action in an emergency.

When called on, our Disaster Welfare and Support Team volunteers help set up and run Civil Defence Centres and emergency hubs. Their ability to provide psychosocial support is key in these environments, as shock and stress are common during emergencies. They also work alongside other agencies to undertake needs assessments, to determine what support people need both during and after a disaster or emergency.

The Disaster Response Alliance is crucial for supporting these teams and our emergency management work, making sure we are prepared with the skills and resources needed during an emergency.

Our partners understand the need 

Climate change is leading to more frequent and intense weather events all around the world, and Aotearoa New Zealand is no exception.

ASB joins The Warehouse, Countdown, and NZ Post in a growing community of businesses with a common focus on strengthening New Zealand’s disaster resilience.

Our Alliance partners not only support our work, but also make disaster resilience a priority within their own teams and customers – sharing useful tips and information about emergency preparedness. In the event of a disaster, they may also activate pre-planned fundraising channels to support our emergency management work.

For more information

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