Find New Zealand Red Cross publications including our annual report, strategic plan, refugee resettlement reports, and copies of our magazine  RED.

Annual report

Our annual report for the year ending in June is published around October each year. You can find details of our activities and impact during the past year and get an overview from our National President—who is also our National Board Chair—and Secretary General. You’ll also find information on what we have been doing in each of our service areas:

  • disaster management
  • international programmes, and
  • migration (refugee) programmes.

The report has information about our fundraising activities and financial information.

2023 Annual Report (PDF)

2022 Annual Report (PDF)

2021 Annual Report (PDF)

2020 Annual Report (PDF)

Strategic plan

Our strategy 2030 outlines the direction and focus of New Zealand Red Cross between 2020 and 2030.

Strategy 2030

RED — our magazine

Around twice a year, we publish a magazine showcasing the work of Red Cross people — including our thousands of volunteers — and other news and information. You can pick up Red at your local Red Cross Shop or Red Cross Service Centre.

RED Issue 16 - Spring/Summer 2021.pdf (PDF) 

RED Issue 15 - Autumn 2021.pdf (PDF)

RED Issue 14 - Summer 2020.pdf (PDF)

RED Issue 13 - Winter 2020.pdf (PDF)

RED Issue 12 - Autumn 2020.pdf (PDF)

RED Issue 11 - Summer 2019/20 (PDF)

Refugee resettlement reports

This 2021 report is designed to support local authorities to successfully resettle refugees in their communities.

A warm welcome: The role of Councils in refugee settlement in New Zealand

The Humanitarian Migration Report is the only comprehensive overview of humanitarian issues across the migration sector in Aotearoa New Zealand, in 2022.  

In addition to describing a range of visa and migration categories, the report delves into emerging migration issues including people forced to migrate due to climate events, the challenges they face in emergencies and disasters, and public perceptions on migrants.

Humanitarian Migration Report 2022

New Zealand Red Cross Centenary book

In 2015 New Zealand Red Cross celebrated its 100th birthday. You can purchase a hardcover book written by historian Margaret Tennant that celebrates our history.

Order ‘Across the Street, Across the World' A history of the Red Cross in New Zealand 1915 – 2015