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Annual reports






Our strategic documents outline our long-term direction and vision.

Strategy 2030

Strategy 2020

International Strategy 2015-2018

Havelock North gastroenteritis outbreak

When a gastro outbreak swept through Havelock North in August 2016, Red Cross was there to help. Here's how our team supported Havelock North.

Red Cross Havelock North response (PDF)

Cyclone Winston

In February 2016, Tropical Cyclone Winston hit Fiji, wiping out entire villages and destroying homes, schools and livelihoods. Here's how Red Cross has been helping.

March 2016 - TC Winston reponse (PDF)
Cyclone Winston response - meet the people involved (PDF)

Cyclone Pam

Tropical Cyclone Pam tore through Vanuatu in March 2015, destroying homes and causing extensive damage to the environment. Here's an update on our activities in the region.

October 2015 - Cyclone Pam update

International appeal - Cyclone Pam (Source: IFRC, 2015) (PDF)

Nepal Earthquake

Red Cross has worked to help communities in Nepal recover from the earthquakes in April 2015. Here's an update on our activities so far.

August 2015 - Nepal earthquake response

Nepal earthquake operations update (Source: IFRC, February 2016) (PDF)
Nepal earthquake one year progress report (Source: IFRC, April 2016) (PDF)

Refugee resettlement reports

Read our reports about Refugee Resettlement.

New Zealand Red Cross Centenary

In 2015 New Zealand Red Cross celebrated its 100th birthday. Order Margaret Tennant's book celebrating our history.

Order "Across the Street, Across the World"

Brand Standards

The red cross emblem is an international symbol protected by law and is part of the Geneva Conventions. In New Zealand, the Minister of Defence must give authority for its use. Apart from the New Zealand Defence Force, only New Zealand Red Cross has permission to use it in New Zealand. 

Our Brand Standards provide more information around this, how the emblem is to be used as part of our logo, how the logo must be represented, our fonts and colours, examples and guidelines on our visual representation for vehicles, buildings, uniforms and promotional material. 

NZRC Brand Standards 2021 (PDF)