Essential First Aid

Perfect for low risk workplaces, Essential First Aid prepares your team to respond to the most common emergency situations. 

You may choose one of two ways to complete your training which can reduce your time in the classroom by up to two hours.

Classroom - Complete all training in the classroom

Online - Complete your pre-course learning online, reducing your classroom session by two hours

Essential First Aid

Recommended for

People who work in low risk workplaces and clubs. It's a great course if you want to use first aid at home, and if you want to learn the basic essentials of first aid.

What this 8 hour course covers

The course is run over one day, and covers how to respond to common first aid scenarios. Being able to respond first, while waiting for medical professionals to arrive, is essential to helping others and saving lives. This course meets NZQA standards and requirements of the “First Aid for Workplaces – A Good Practice Guide 2011” for low risk workplaces.

You will learn:

  • safe scene management
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • airway obstruction
  • control of severe bleeding
  • safe side positioning
  • common first aid conditions and how to respond to them
  • assessment of emergency situations
  • adult, child and infant resuscitation and choking (CPRL2)
  • bleeding, shock, fractures, sprains, burns, poisoning