Our funded Psychological First Aid training programme has now closed

We’re proud we’ve been able to provide 81 Psychological First Aid training courses to more than a 1,000 people in communities affected by Cyclone Gabrielle and the Auckland floods. We are no longer running these funded courses but communities can still book regular paid courses. See details below.

We have mental health training specifically available in response to emergencies or disasters.  Find out what courses are available and how they can help communities prepare for and recover from a disaster.

Psychological First Aid training

Psychological First Aid is a method of helping people in distress, so they feel calm and supported in coping with their challenges. It’s a way of assisting someone to manage their situation and make informed decisions. This course provides training and tools for people to support others who are in distress following an event, including disasters.

Course participants receive a certificate of attendance.

Duration: seven hours

Group size: 20 people

Learning outcomes

  • Understand what Psychological First Aid is and isn’t.
  • Become familiar with distress reactions.
  • Provide Psychological First Aid using the Five Elements and action principles:
    • Look – know some of the warning signs.
    • Listen – how to check in, listen, and respond.
    • Link – connect to the right support.
  • Practice providing Psychological First Aid.

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Recovery Matters workshop

This course helps people manage their own feelings and the responses that people around them have to a disaster. Unpack the science of stress and its impact on how we feel, function, and relate to others. The workshop provides practical tips and tools to help yourself—or those you’re supporting—through the recovery process.

Duration: three hours

Group size: 24 people

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the impacts on people after an event and recognise distress responses.
  • Be aware of responses in recovery.
  • Learn about Dr Rob Gordon’s ‘four processes of recovery’.
  • Be reminded of how to look after yourselves.

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