Staycation scavenger hunt in Devonport

21 December 2020 to 31 March 2021 - Whilst you walk the quaint streets of Devonport village this summer, why not take part in Red Cross’ first-of-its-kind Staycation Scavenger Hunt!

With borders closed and overseas travel off-limits this summer, New Zealanders across the country will be holidaying in our own backyard.

Whilst staying at home may not seem as exotic as shopping for sarongs in Fiji, surfing on the Gold Coast or chillin’ in a hammock in Bali, we have a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of our own country!

If you are in Auckland this summer, then head to Auckland’s prettiest village, Devonport.

Whilst you walk the quaint streets of this picturesque village, why not take part in the Red Cross Staycation Scavenger Hunt!

How it works - help Kanoa the clumsy Kākāpō

Kanoa the clumsy Kākāpō is on a kiwi-staycation to the scenic Devonport, although after arriving she came to the horrifying realisation – she had lost all her belongings!

Kanoa the Kākāpō needs YOUR HELP to find her holiday items.

Using the official Staycation Scavenger Hunt map, help Kanoa find her missing items in Devonport’s shop windows! The Scavenger Hunt map will have a list of participating shops and a list of the items missing – but it won’t say what item is where. Scavenger hunters will need to match the missing item to the shop window.

Official Staycation Scavenger Hunt maps will be sold for $4 from Devonport Library: Mon 9am to 6pm, Tues-Fri 9am to 5.30pm, Sat & Sun 9.30am to 5pm. 

Alternatively you can buy yours here and we will email you a password to open the Scavenger Hunt Map PDF at the bottom of this page.  Then you can easily print it at home.

And that’s not all… Find all of the missing items and be in to win a whole host of AWESOME prizes!

Winners will be chosen every few weeks, with a rolling prize draw.  Enter the draw by filling out your details on the map and posting in the drop-box at the library or follow the QR code on the back of the map.

How you are helping

100% of the proceeds will go to New Zealand Red Cross. New Zealand Red Cross’ mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people - both at home and overseas. Whether they are responding to the floods in Napier, welcoming former refugee families to kiwi life, or sending international delegates overseas to provide humanitarian aid –  Red Cross are there for people in need, and in an ever-changing world,  Red Cross is needed now more than ever.

So, if you are bored at home or stuck for ideas this summer, gather your whānau and take on the Red Cross Summer Staycation Scavenger Hunt!

Stay local, support local and help Kanoa the clumsy Kākāpō enjoy her Kiwi staycation!

Scavenger Hunt Map! (PDF)

Have a question? Get in touch with us or 0800 733 27677 (RED CROSS)