Communications and advocacy

Promote Red Cross by investing media spend, sponsoring content, or sharing our work on your channels.

In a world full of information, charities don't have the resources to compete for reach and attention. Boosting our visibility by donating media time, sharing our campaigns on your channels or using your ambassadors to help share our messages makes a big difference. It supports awareness-raising, fundraising and the impact we can make helping people in need.

We produce compelling stories about our work, we provide marketing opportunities around significant days and events, our sponsorship opportunities deliver great visibility, and we need help launching our Red Cross Appeal each year.

Employers can also become advocates for our work with former refugees by employing people from refugee backgrounds in their workplaces through our Pathways to Employment programme and then promoting their support with other businesses.

If you’re keen to help amplify our work through your channels we’d love to hear from you.

Supporter examples

The Hurricanes helped launch the Good and Ready Photo Challenge to promote emergency preparedness.

Embracing diversity in the workplace, Commonsense Organics and our Pathways to Employment programme found a perfect employment match.

From Red Cross parcels to fundraisers for the Samoa measles outbreak, Red Cross Appeal collections, and emergency response - the Hurricanes have tackled problems together with Red Cross.

Reckitt Benckiser sponsored Red Cross Appeal media promotion.

Talk to us to find out how your business can make an impact.

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