Leaving a legacy of hope

Leaving a gift in your Will to New Zealand Red Cross is a powerful commitment that will change the future, for the better, for generations to come. It will ensure wherever people see a Red Cross, they will find hope, help and practical assistance.

Red Cross started in New Zealand when people, moved by the suffering caused by World War One, came together to help the wounded and others in need.

In the years since, in response to disease, conflict, disaster and community need, compassionate New Zealanders like you have continued to make a difference to the lives of people facing extraordinary circumstances.

Whatever the future holds, by leaving a gift in your Will you can ensure that Red Cross will always be there to relieve the suffering of those in need. You can continue to help vulnerable people across the world and across the street.

Red Cross is many things to many people – a set of shared values, a helping hand when needed, a way to give back to your community. But whatever Red Cross has meant to you in your lifetime, you can continue your support by choosing to include Red Cross in your Will.

Questions about leaving a gift to New Zealand Red Cross? You can call us on 0800 697 277 or email bequests@redcross.org.nz

Download our Legacy of Hope brochure to find out more.

New Zealand Red Cross Legacy of Hope Brochure (PDF)

Leaving a gift to New Zealand Red Cross in your Will

We know that when you make a Will your first priority is to provide for your loved ones. After they are looked after, you can continue to support the causes that matter to you by leaving a gift to charity. Remembering Red Cross in your Will is a powerful and lasting way to help people made vulnerable by disease, disaster and conflict at home and around the world. People just like Frank Hardy featured above.

There are a number of different ways you can remember New Zealand Red Cross in your Will depending on your circumstances. All gifts are greatly appreciated but one of the most effective types of gift is called a residuary legacy. The benefits of this type of gift are that it only relates to the share of your estate left after family, friends and loved ones have been taken care of. Its flexibility also means that it is less likely to need updating over time.

Find out more about leaving a legacy of hope – download our Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ Bequests (PDF)

Different ways you can leave a gift to Red Cross in your Will

Jane Crosse has decided to leave a bequest to Red Cross in her will.

“I am a great believer in the work of Red Cross. I trust them to help anyone in trouble across all boundaries in the world. There is no other organisation that will help anyone in the world. It doesn’t matter what religion someone is, what colour they are, where they came from or what they may have done – none of that makes a difference. If they are in need, Red Cross will help them.”

Jane Crosse has given her life to supporting the work of Red Cross. From starting as a young Red Cross member, Jane's commitment now stands at 75 years, with 40 of those as a Meals on Wheels driver and today, at 86 years of age, she is a volunteer at the Napier Red Cross shop. Mrs Crosse said she never had a lot but always gave what she could, and wants to keep on giving for as long as she can.

“It never occurred to me to bequest to Red Cross in my Will until my lawyer asked me if I wanted to give anyone anything. I said Red Cross straight away. I don’t have a lot of money but I wanted to leave something to Red Cross, with the rest saved for my grandchildren. I could not think of a more worthy cause.”

There are a number of different ways you can remember New Zealand Red Cross in your Will depending on your circumstances. Please talk to your lawyer or financial adviser about the best option for you.

1) You can leave the remainder of your estate after all debts have been paid and all assets or amounts distributed to your loved ones.

2) You can leave a percentage of your estate, any amount you choose, and share your estate among several people or organisations without specifying property or amounts.

3) You can leave a specific sum of money, property, stocks and shares or anything of value. You may need to review this on a regular basis because it does not allow for changes in your estate or inflation.

If you have already made a Will you can make a simple addition to include New Zealand Red Cross by completing the 'Changes to My Will' form and taking or sending it to your solicitor or trust company.
Changes to my Will form (PDF)

Some important wording

If you decide to leave a gift to Red Cross in your Will you need:

- our official name: New Zealand Red Cross Incorporated

- our Charity Registration Number CC21860

- our address PO Box 12140, Wellington 6144

It is best to leave your gift for 'General Purposes' so that it can be used where the need is greatest. If there is, however, a particular area of our work you’d like to support, please get in touch to discuss the best way to word this. Geographic boundaries and particular programmes may change over time and we can help ensure that your gift can always be used as you intended.

If you have any questions about New Zealand Red Cross or leaving a gift in your Will, please get in touch. You can call us on 0800 697 277 or email bequests@redcross.org.nz