Regular giving

A little from you each month means a lot to someone else. Sign up to become a Project Partner today and help transform the lives of people who need it most - people who have lost everything due to disease, disaster or conflict.

A disaster can happen at any time, and could affect you or someone you love. As a Project Partner you will play a pivotal role in ensuring that relief, support and resources urgently get to those in need. Whether it’s around the world or across the street, your ongoing support will help save and improve lives.

Bring hope to families torn apart, and comfort to the lonely or house-bound

By making a steady, reliable and regular donation you will be helping ensure that community-inspired programmes are able to meet both the current and future needs of people in complex and vulnerable situations. It means vital aid reaches people when they need it most.

Red Cross Project Partners are a lifeline - helping to provide hot meals to the sick and elderly, safe transport to medical appointments for the home-bound, assistance to communities and individuals affected by disastrous situations in New Zealand and around the world.