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Role description

Our Meals on Wheels service supports older, ill, and disabled people living at home who would otherwise struggle to provide healthy meals for themselves. We need volunteers keen to deliver hot meals and a friendly chat, to people in need across New Zealand.

Your tasks

Most of our drivers deliver meals once a week every two weeks, however shifts are flexible. 

  • Start your shift between 10:30am and 12pm.
  • Pick up meals in your car. 
  • Deliver meals to people and have a brief chat at the door.  
  • Go home feeling good that you’ve helped someone out today.  

Volunteer requirements and training

You’ll need to be a friendly person who has their own car and a full driver licence. We’ll train you in how to carry out the role and you’ll be supported by Red Cross volunteers or staff members.   

Information about access to Meals on Wheels

Anyone who wants Meals on Wheels first speaks to their GP or other health professional. They assess eligibility, and send a referral to New Zealand Red Cross.  

Read more information about access to Meals on Wheels. 

Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW)

  • Make sure your actions (or lack of actions) don’t harm your health, safety and wellbeing, or harm anyone else.
  • Take part in a HSW induction, training, programmes and activities.
  • Follow all instructions given to you about health, safety and wellbeing
  • Follow all NZRC HSW policies, standards and procedures about health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Make sure you have the right training for any activities you are doing.
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) for any work activities that may need it to stay safe.
  • If you spot a hazard, or you are involved in an incident or near miss, report this straight away.
Commitment required
Shift duration
2 hours
Shift time
Min age
18 years
4 to 8 hours
  • New Zealand Police - support services (vulnerable adults)
  • Valid driver's licence
  • Vehicle with valid registration (rego) and warrant of fitness (WoF)
  • Two referees for character checks
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"I always thought when I’d retire I’d do some sort of volunteer work, so when the time came, I signed up to be a Meals on Wheels driver."

Jenny, volunteer Meals on Wheels driver

We need volunteers keen to deliver hot meals and a friendly chat, to people in need across New Zealand.

00:00:15:00 - 00:00:16:02
Well, the main part of the job

00:00:16:02 - 00:00:21:11
is to collect meals and deliver them to people's door.

00:00:21:13 - 00:00:24:15
But I guess we also provide

00:00:24:15 - 00:00:26:19
a friendly face and a smile to people who

00:00:27:21 - 00:00:30:20
might otherwise not see anyone during the course of the day.

00:00:31:10 - 00:00:33:15
It's a pleasurable thing to do in itself,

00:00:34:04 - 00:00:39:01
but also the sense of satisfaction that comes from making a contribution

00:00:39:07 - 00:00:42:03
to something that's, you know, that's bigger than me.

00:00:44:08 - 00:00:45:11
Each run,

00:00:45:11 - 00:00:47:19
I guess, would take maybe, maybe an hour,

00:00:48:06 - 00:00:50:12
but people can offer, you know,

00:00:51:10 - 00:00:54:15
as many days of the week as they feel comfortable.

00:00:54:19 - 00:00:56:22
Could be one day a week or one day a fortnight,

00:00:57:23 - 00:01:01:10
so really, volunteers can choose a little bit

00:01:01:10 - 00:01:02:08
about that.

00:01:07:09 - 00:01:10:02
It's really a very simple,

00:01:10:09 - 00:01:14:06
practical act of kindness in your local community,

00:01:14:06 - 00:01:19:17
you need to be available during the late morning for an hour or two.

00:01:19:24 - 00:01:24:03
You go to a pick-up point where you pick up a number of meals

00:01:24:03 - 00:01:28:00
that might be between about six and 15 meals

00:01:28:05 - 00:01:34:06
and then you deliver those meals to the people on your delivery run,

00:01:34:12 - 00:01:37:22
who for whatever reason, are unable to prepare a hot,

00:01:38:01 - 00:01:40:22
nutritious meal for themselves.

00:01:41:14 - 00:01:44:24
I can’t fault them, they’re lovely. I've got somebody to talk to!

00:01:45:12 - 00:01:46:14
I'm 92.

00:01:46:14 - 00:01:47:19
I live on my own.

00:01:47:19 - 00:01:51:19
And they come in and they give me life.

00:01:56:05 - 00:01:59:20
If you're interested in becoming a volunteer Meals on Wheels driver,

00:02:00:14 - 00:02:03:09
you can find out more

00:02:03:15 - 00:02:06:06
or you can apply in two different ways.

00:02:06:06 - 00:02:11:01
You could phone the Red Cross Contact Centre,

00:02:11:01 - 00:02:13:23
which is 0800 Red Cross.

00:02:14:05 - 00:02:19:07
So that's 0800 733 276.

00:02:19:18 - 00:02:27:04
or you could go to our website,