New Zealand Red Cross members can be part of a group — an informal grouping of people working to support our humanitarian work.

There are around 20 groups around the country. They are particularly active in areas such as Canterbury, Waikato, Wairarapa and Wellington, but there are several in other areas. Members in any town or area can set up a Red Cross group.

Groups have a less formal structure than a branch and their activities include:

  • promoting our Fundamental Principles
  • delivering services
  • fundraising, and
  • maintaining a Red Cross presence in communities.

Groups are affiliated to and supported by a branch or an area council. The key difference between a branch and a group is that a group cannot operate a New Zealand Red Cross bank account and does not therefore have as many reporting requirements as a branch.

Find your local Red Cross group

To contact your local group email

North Island

  • Waikato – Tūrangi Group
  • Wairarapa – Carterton Group
  • Wairarapa – Featherston Group
  • Wairarapa – Greytown Group
  • Wairarapa – Martinborough Group
  • Wairarapa – Masterton Group
  • Wellington – East Harbour Group
  • Wellington – Kāpiti Coast Group

South Island

  • Canterbury North – Akaroa Group
  • Canterbury North – Belfast Bishopsdale Group
  • Canterbury North – Charing Cross Group
  • Canterbury North – Cheviot Parnassus Group
  • Canterbury North – Oxford Group
  • Otago – Dunedin Red Cross Choir Group