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Pakistan Monsoon Floods Appeal

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Thank you! Your kind donation will help address the urgent needs of those devastated by the extreme flooding in Pakistan.

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In the following months, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, together with Pakistan Red Crescent teams on the ground, will be able to address the desperate needs of those affected by delivering food, clean water and life-saving aid - THANKS TO YOU!

Their lives are being washed away. People in Pakistan need your help NOW!

Deadly floods have impacted the whole of Pakistan, with the Southern regions of the country being hit the hardest. More than 30 million people have been directly affected by the disaster, and millions have been displaced. Over 1000 people, including children, have died in the floods.

A third of Pakistan's land, almost the size of Aotearoa New Zealand, has been totally ravaged by the sea-like floods.

"Everywhere we look, homes, farmland, and critical infrastructure has been submerged." Chairman of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Abrar ul Haq, says.

Homes have been washed away along with cherished belongings. Farms, crops and food sources have been destroyed, and livestock has drowned. Roads and bridges are also severely damaged, making it hard for people to be reached with humanitarian aid.

Food, shelter and clean water are amongst the most urgent necessities people are lacking right now. It is feared that life-threatening water-borne diseases will rise. Although local authorities are doing what they can to meet people's most basic needs, they are overstretched and under-resourced; in many cases, people, families and children are going without.

Those who have survived are grateful to be alive, but many have lost absolutely everything with no idea when or how they can begin rebuilding what was lost.

We must help them now! Please donate to the Pakistan Monsoon floods Appeal today.

You could help those struggling in Pakistan. Your generous donation will help to meet the urgent needs of those worst affected; it will provide shelter, sanitation (WASH), medical and health support, livelihood recovery and multi-purpose cash assistance.

Funds generously donated to this appeal will provide critical support to people affected by the flooding through our Red Cross movement partners and New Zealand Red Cross specialist humanitarian delegates.

Also, don't forget that when you make a donation of over $5.00, you can claim 33% of it back from IRD.

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