Connect, Care, Prepare - get good and ready!

Being good and ready isn’t only about water and tinned food, it’s also about being connected in your community.

Good and Ready Week 2020

Good and Ready Week 2020 is over!  Thanks to everyone, including New Zealand Post and the Hurricanes for supporting this initiative, and helping Aotearoa get Good and Ready.

New Zealand Red Cross encourages you to take these simple steps today to be good and ready for future disasters: connect, care, prepare. Download the 2020 Good and Ready Brochure here.

Connect with your community

Thriving communities provide a safe place for people to feel a sense of belonging, to connect and share, and to feel accepted. Here are a few ideas to connect:

  • Simply wave or say hi to someone new
  • Share a cuppa or some kai with your neighbours
  • Organise a street party or neighbourhood event – Neighbours Day Aotearoa is a great excuse!
  • Join a community group, attend community events, participate in a community project – community gardens, sharing produce, volunteer projects
Have a look at what some members of our VicRed Group at Victoria University say about being part of a group, being connected.

Care for your community

In an emergency, most people are helped first by their neighbours. Here are some things you can do to help care for your community:

  • Create an emergency plan with your neighbours
  • Participate in Civil Defence’s community emergency planning opportunities
  • Check on people who might need special assistance before, during or after an emergency. Help them make a plan and prepare their household
  • Join the Red Cross community by volunteering.

Have a look at what our colleague Jamie says about caring for people in your community from diverse backgrounds.

Prepare yourself and your whanau

Having information and resources can help you and your whānau get through hard times more easily. Here’s what you can do to get prepared:

  • Have a plan: Create your household emergency plan using the Civil Defence template
  • Know about hazards: Download the Red Cross Hazard App to get local information about emergencies
  • Have your stuff ready: Pack/refresh your emergency supplies
  • Be ready to help in a medical emergency: Learn first aid through Red Cross and download the Red Cross First Aid App
  • Make your home safer and more resilient: Check your insurance, fix and fasten items in your home,back-up documents and photos, etc.
Have a look at what Dave from our Emergency Response Unit says about preparing yourself and your whanau.

Watch more Good and Ready videos here.

Good and Ready Auckland

Become a Good and Ready volunteer in the Auckland Region.

Become an advocate for emergency preparedness and planning in your community. Good and Ready Auckland is building a network of community-based volunteers who can help promote emergency preparedness and planning, and champion community resilience across the Auckland Region. 

Learn more about Good and Ready Auckland