Resources for disaster management

If you want to prepare for disasters, have experienced a disaster or are recovering from a disaster, Red Cross has a host of useful emergency management resources that can help.

Disaster Risk Management Strategy 2018-2023

New Zealand Red Cross’ Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Strategy guides New Zealand Red Cross’ members and staff in our work in Aotearoa before, during and after disasters, and other shocks and stresses.

It outlines our ways of working and the outcomes we seek to achieve in DRM, and how we support our people to work in an impactful and sustainable way to improve the lives of vulnerable people and enhance community resilience.

Red Cross Disaster Risk Management Strategy 2018 WEB.pdf (PDF)

Before (Readiness)

Before disasters, New Zealand Red Cross focuses on practical ways to reduce the impacts of disasters and increase readiness of people and communities.

Be good and ready

New Zealand Red Cross encourages you to take these simple steps today to be good and ready for future disasters: connect, care, prepare.

RC Good Ready Brochure FINAL LR.pdf (PDF)

Kia Pakari: Schools' Resilience Programme

Kia Pakari is for educators to empower young people to build resilience in school communities across Aotearoa. In the Kia Pakari programme students explore resilience in their lives, school and communities. Student teams initiate their own inquiries into the factors that make their community vulnerable to emergency events, and design and implement programmes of social action to help local whānau and schools become better prepared to manage adversity.

Visit the Kia Pakari web page for more information on the programme.

Download the Kia Pakari Complete Resource Set.

Kiri and the Emergency

Kiri is a first aid resource aimed at children aged three to six years. It introduces first aid, builds children’s understanding about danger, and helps develop confidence and skills to act in an emergency. Available in English and Te Reo.

Kiri & the Emergency - English (PDF)
Kiri & the Emergency - Maori version (PDF)

Bounce provides a platform for young people across Aotearoa to share their wellbeing tips, positive messages, blog posts, videos, music, photos and stories, around a central theme of “live life well.” 

Bounce is a youth-led peer education project run by young people for young people. Our youth ambassadors share our wellbeing tips and advice with their peers to empower them and encourage emotional wellbeing and resilience. They do this by developing innovative website content and social media posts and raising awareness at various events.

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Preparedness in diverse communities: Citizen translation for community engagement

Using a community engagement approach, a practitioner in Wellington, New Zealand implemented a citizen translation project to have 45 volunteers from 15 communities facilitate translations for a new local Earthquake Preparedness Guide, in partnership with local Civil Defence and an international crisis translation team, INTERACT.

Preparedness in diverse communities: Citizen translation for community engagement (PDF)

During (Response)

During a disaster, New Zealand Red Cross is tasked by our emergency management partners with specific roles to respond in coordination with partner agencies, communities and other local organisations.

Learn how the Principles and Rules for Red Cross and Red Crescent for Humanitarian Assistance govern the work we do in NZ and globally - before, during and after humanitarian crises.

Principles and Rules for Red Cross and Red Crescent Humanitarian Assistance (PDF)

After (Recovery)

After a disaster, New Zealand Red Cross works to strengthen self-efficacy, enabling communities to lead their own recovery. Our approach acknowledges that recovery from a disaster can be a long, challenging and complex process.

Recovery Matters community workshops

Recovery is about more than repairing homes. Our workshops support people in the community along the recovery journey.

Find out more about the workshop and to book go here.

Recovery Matters workplace workshops

Supporting people during recovery from disasters and emergencies can be challenging. Our workshops empower employers so they can support their staff and clients.

Find out more about the workshop and to book go here.

10 Good Stories

Watch the video below showing how we helped one in five Cantabrians through the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Programme.

Evaluation of the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal and Recovery Programme

An independent evaluation of the New Zealand Red Cross Earthquake Recovery Programme for greater Christchurch was undertaken in 2017 by Research First Ltd. Download one of the series of publications summarising the findings, or the full technical report.

CEARP - Executive Summary (PDF)
CEARP - Evaluation Summary Report (PDF)
CEARP - Lessons for Practitioners (PDF)
2017 Recovery Evaluation - technical (PDF)
Recovery Evaluation Poster (PDF)

Cash Based Assistance: A handbook to support the governance, design and delivery of cash based assistance in disaster response and recovery

New Zealand Red Cross has previously delivered comprehensive Recovery programmes which have included cash and voucher based assistance for the most affected individuals and households. To help capture the institutional knowledge and prepare for future events this cash based assistance handbook has been developed. 

Cash Based Assistance Handbook (PDF)

Leading in Disaster Recovery: Companion through the Chaos

A handbook for people who find themselves in leadership roles during a disaster. The authors interviewed more than 100 leaders working in response and recovery worldwide and captured their hard-won wisdom, practical strategies and tools in an easy-to-read format.

RC A Companion Through the Chaos.pdf (PDF)