Pathways to Employment

Ngā kaupapa hunga whakarere

Finding employment is a key part of the settlement process. It gives former refugees financial independence and also offers them the opportunity to use their skills and contribute back to their community.

Pathways to Employment

Our Pathways to Employment programme helps former refugees plan their employment, education, training and career goals and ultimately find work. Our services include:

  • Helping to plan employment and career goals
  • Assessing skills, including English language skills
  • Referrals to English or vocational training opportunities
  • Assisting with the writing of CVs and cover letters
  • Helping make appointments and get interviews, as well as coaching on interview skills
  • Finding work trials and work experience
  • Encouraging employers to employ people from refugee backgrounds.

Our clients have a wide range of skills and experience. Former clients have found employment in an array of sectors, from engineering to hospitality.

Hear more from a Nelson business who has employed former refugees:

Pathways to Employment contacts around New Zealand

If you are a former refugee seeking employment or an employer who has an available position, please contact:

Auckland: Michelle Burton, 027 807 7986, or

Hamilton: Jessica King, 027 839 5975, or

Wellington: Samantha Jones, 021 228 5585, or

Palmerston North: Kevin Morris, 027 807 2383, or

Nelson: Claire Nichols, 027 807 3837, or

Blenheim: Margaret Western, 027 222 9590, or

Christchurch: Melanie Douglas, 027 403 6058, or

Ashburton: Nils Macfarlane, 027 213 7793, or

Timaru: Nils Macfarlane, 027 213 7793, or

Dunedin: Nils McFarlane, 027 213 7793, or

Invercargill: Phil Dobson, 027 259 9110,

Nationally:  Jarrah Cooke, 027 405 7892, or

Download our Pathways to Employment brochures

Pathways to Employment Client Brochure - Tamil (PDF)
Pathways to Employment Client Brochure - Spanish (PDF)
Pathways to Employment Client Brochure - Nepali (PDF)
Pathways to Employment Client Brochure - Arabic (PDF)
Pathways to Employment Client Brochure - Burmese (PDF)
Pathways to Employment Client Brochure - Dari (PDF)
Pathways to Employment Client Brochure - English (PDF)