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Our Pathways to Employment programme connects employers with prospective employees with refugee backgrounds.  

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Red Cross can help you:

1. Find your perfect fit

  • We connect employers with quality candidates while making the selection process as efficient and enjoyable as possible.
  • Our teams work with refugee-background job seekers who have a vast range of skills, qualifications and employment histories.
  • We will work with you to identify and fill skill gaps in the workplace. We listen to your needs and match them with prospective employees based on your business requirements.

“Red Cross isn’t going to recommend somebody they don’t think will be able to manage... There’s a pool of wonderful people out there. We got so much back.” – Jane | ELCO Apparel. Read more.

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2. Provide ongoing support tailored to you

  • Our teams provide tailored solutions to ensure a good match is made and the employer is supported throughout the process.
  • We recognise that absolute integration support needs to go beyond the initial placement. We welcome employers who we work with to take advantage of ongoing support from our team to ensure lasting employability. 
  • To ensure successful work placement and retention of staff, we support employers every step of the way. This includes provision of cultural awareness training and resources as well as, when required, interpreters.

“Red Cross say to me, “Thanks for taking them,” and I’d actually thank Red Cross for setting them up, they’ve been a really good thing for this contract and our business.” – Mark | QC Contracting. Read more on how New Zealand Red Cross has helped place ten former refugees with QC Contracting to work on the sea wall extension – a partnership which has multiple benefits.

3. Offer you the opportunity to change lives

  • Finding employment can help signal the resumption of a more ‘normal’ life for former refugees. Having a job not only allows our clients to use their knowledge and skills, but it also allows them to be more independent and contribute to their new communities. 
  • We want to help you acquire – and subsequently enjoy – the benefits of a more diverse workplace. Former refugees bring cultural, social diversity and richness to our workplaces. Their experiences mean they can offer valuable skills and insights to Kiwi businesses.
  • Investment in the employment and training of former refugees produces a more culturally aware workforce. This, in turn, allows for more creativity and possibly increases a business’ capacity for innovation. 

“It doesn’t matter where people come from, what they look like or what languages they speak, because good employees are worth their weight in gold.” – Sarah | YUM Granola. Read more about YUM Granola working with Red Cross. 

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The work ethic of our clients cannot be understated. Many employers value the experience and perspective that people with refugee backgrounds bring to the workplace. Our clients have often been described as eager to learn, hardworking and committed.

If you are a business owner who is wanting to take on a new staff member, we welcome you to get in touch with your local Pathways to Employment team. We are always happy to have a chat about what we do and have a number of amazing job seekers with all sorts of skills and experience who are ready to begin working immediately. 

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Hear more from a number of Kiwi businesses who have employed former refugees.