Show your support

There are so many ways to show your support for former refugees here in New Zealand. Volunteer, provide a job, donate money or small goods - the choice is yours.

Moving is hard for anyone but imagine arriving in a new place where everything is unfamiliar. Kiwis can make a world of difference to people arriving as refugees by offering a friendly welcome - whether it’s a chat over the fence or a shared meal.

Welcoming neighbours and communities makes a big difference in helping a family who have gone through traumatic experiences. It can take time to feel safe again, get used to new systems and a new culture, learn ‘Kiwi’ English, build networks and find employment. Having the support of the local community makes it easier.

Get involved - support refugee resettlement in Aotearoa

The best way to help refugees is by helping us!

With your support, we can continue to better the lives of refugees globally and offer former refugees the highest quality resettlement support when they arrive in New Zealand. You may like to consider:

  • Donating helps support our work with new refugees in New Zealand and our work internationally with refugees.