New Zealand Red Cross recruits additional delegates when we need to fill a specific position.

We are not currently recruiting for new international delegates. We will recruit new delegates when needed for roles overseas. In the meantime, read more about our criteria, training programme and contract arrangements. 


All applicants must be New Zealand citizens or have a Permanent Resident Visa in New Zealand. You must also have:

  • at least 3 years’ experience in your area of expertise
  • New Zealand Police clearance.

Qualities and skills needed

Working as an international delegate can be tough and sometimes dangerous. It’s important for you to be in sound mental and physical health.

You need to be mature in your judgement, adaptable, and be able to use your initiative. Delegates live and work as a team, so you’ll need to have well-developed skills in communication, diplomacy, and cultural sensitivity.

It's beneficial to be skilled at using computers. It’s also helpful to know other languages, particularly Spanish, French, Arabic, or languages spoken in the Pacific.

Delegates must fully accept and apply Red Cross Fundamental Principles. Before working overseas, delegates must also be prepared to learn about the Red Cross Movement and its ideals.

Delegate training

All our delegates need to complete the International Mobilisation and Preparation for ACTion (IMPACT) training and the Personal Security Course before they can be sent overseas.

The IMPACT training is exclusively for new delegates. This is a 2-week residential programme that prepares delegates for deployment.

Contract arrangements

New Zealand Red Cross employs delegates for missions that can range from 2 weeks to 12 months. Our fixed term contracts cover:

  • salary
  • travel costs
  • all support before and after deployment
  • medical clearance, and
  • insurance.

Delegate experiences

Read our stories to find out more about our international delegates.