The Red Cross Appeal is New Zealand Red Cross’ annual fundraising campaign that helps the organisation support people in need and be prepared to respond when disaster strikes. Our street appeal was cancelled last year due to COVID-19, but our work helping people in Aotearoa and overseas has continued. From helping former refugees settle into their new homes, to delivering meals to vulnerable people, from providing first aid training in the community, to helping stranded foreign nationals through COVID-19, we are here – whenever and wherever our help is needed.

Out and about

This March, our wonderful Red Cross people took to the streets all over the country to support the Red Cross Appeal. From Kerikeri to Invercargill, we had street collectors holding buckets and sharing stories about the great work New Zealand Red Cross is doing in our communities. More than 1,500 people volunteered their time in 25 towns and cities across Aotearoa to stand on footpaths and storefronts with donation buckets and tap-and-go devices in hand. From 15-21 March, an accumulated 4,000 hours were spent volunteering for the Red Cross Appeal. This is a remarkable effort, and we would like to extend our utmost thanks to all our street collectors for their incredible support in raising vital funds to help people in need. New Zealand Red Cross is committed to making fundraising opportunities as accessible as possible for donors and volunteers alike so, this year, we also invited supporters to join the Red Cross Appeal by signing up to a virtual bucket collection. This was a quick and easy way for people to support the appeal and share it with their friends, whānau, colleagues and neighbours.

Red Cross people in Napier supporting our 2021 Red Cross Appeal.

Why is the Red Cross Appeal so important?

We know emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. Our communities are often hit hard by the consequences – individuals are impacted, homes, schools and workplaces are damaged, access and transportation is disrupted, communities and networks are displaced.

An important part of our disaster preparedness at New Zealand Red Cross is making sure we have the financial resources we need to respond quickly. While Kiwis often donate very generously following an emergency, we need to make sure we have funds available before that so we can immediately help when people need us most.

That’s why the Red Cross Appeal is so important

Our supporters are an essential part of helping those people thrust into vulnerable situations. The Red Cross Appeal is a great opportunity to get involved. Only with the help of our Red Cross supporters can we make a real difference to people in their hour of need.

New Zealand Red Cross Secretary General, Sarah Stuart-Black, and National President, Kerry Nickels, collecting in Auckland.

Thank you!

This year’s Red Cross Appeal would not have been possible without the support of all our Red Cross people - our members, volunteers, staff and corporate supporters. Thank you to everyone who made the 2021 Red Cross Appeal so successful. In Aotearoa and around the world, Red Cross will continue to support people in need, wherever they may be and whatever they may face.

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