Red Cross teams on the Indonesian island of Lombok have described the earthquake as “exceptionally destructive” and warned that it may take days for the full impact to emerge. Reaching remote villages that have been cut off since the earthquake is a priority for Red Cross responders.

The earthquake came just days after a smaller magnitude 6.4 tremor shook the island on 29 July. According to authorities, the death toll from the two disasters continues to climb and hundreds of people are injured. An estimated 600,000 people are affected in total.

Indonesian Red Cross has been on the ground providing immediate help since moments after the earthquake. Teams have been working around the clock to assist with search and rescue efforts as well as providing ongoing medical care, emergency shelter, and psychosocial support.

Thousands of families have been displaced by the earthquakes and are still staying in evacuation centres or makeshift camps in open areas.

“The Indonesian Red Cross, supported by international partners, will accompany families and communities to help them recover from the impact of these earthquakes and increase their resilience to future shocks,” says Ritola Tasmaya, Secretary General of the Indonesian Red Cross.

Donations from this appeal will go toward providing emergency shelter and ongoing support and advice for communities as they rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

Most of the emergency items that people need are available in Indonesia and can be purchased and distributed quickly so we are encouraging people to donate money rather than sending goods overseas.

You can donate to our Indonesia Earthquake Appeal here.