Kathmandu customers can donate their clothes and shoes (Kathmandu-branded or otherwise) by dropping them into the specially marked boxes in Kathmandu stores. The clothes and shoes are then taken to a local Red Cross shop for resale, with proceeds going to Red Cross’ work with vulnerable people in New Zealand and overseas.

Kathmandu Willis Street Wellington staff member Renee says the initiative, which runs all year round, is a good way for customers to give back. “People are interested in where the clothes go and are happy to be reassured the proceeds go to a good cause. Recently someone brought in a whole suitcase full of stuff, which filled up the whole box.”

“We get a lot of donated items from backpackers too. They’ve been hiking around New Zealand and tell us incredible stories about where they’ve gone. We even get shown their travel snaps.”

Kathmandu staff around New Zealand encourage their customers to have a look through their wardrobes and drawers. “You might have a jacket that doesn’t fit so well anymore, but is still in good shape - it’ll be a perfect donation for Red Cross,” Renee says.

Kathmandu are a long-standing corporate partner of New Zealand Red Cross. They provide clothing for our aid workers stationed overseas, as well as camping gear like tents, for aid worker missions. Kathmandu also support us through corporate donations and promote our emergency appeals through their networks.