English is very hard to speak and the sound is different to other languages. When people ask me something sometimes I don’t understand so I answer the wrong way. It is funny sometimes and sometimes it makes them angry.

I am very excited to be in the school volleyball team. We are in a competition. There are people from my country coming to stay with us. I will try my best to make them happy and cook for them.

In the future I want to be a nurse. I hope I can do it but most people say it is very hard work and it is scary when people die.

I was so excited to see all my friends from my country. We have seven guests. I am going to do hairstyles for them with my cousin.

I feel very tired today and sleepy because every night we go to sleep late because we are so busy. We do lots of things, dancing, singing, fashion show and bamboo dance. It was a special day and for everyone. I am sad my country’s people have to go back to Nelson where they live.

I am very nervous about the exams today. I went to my maths class and my teachers help me when I am not good enough.

Last holidays I was staying home and I felt bored. My friend called me and she wanted me to go out but I can’t because my dad and brother are not here. I clean our house and cook.

I had a very bad dream last night. I saw my mother and my family. It was good to see them but it was so sad and I still feel unhappy. I know it was my dream but I can’t help it. I saw my mum and I was so happy but she had a new husband. I looked at my dad and brother and sister. My mum told me she will visit me one day and I was sad and angry with her.

I was doing my homework and listening to music last night. I can’t listen to hip hop because when pop music comes on I start singing and dancing.

I am happy I can participate in this class and can improve myself. I get distracted when other students don’t listen.

Today was so cold and rainy and the weather looks bad this week. I washed my uniform on Sunday and went to church. It rained and my uniform is all wet.

I have to prepare to sing a song in school. I feel nervous and happy but I love singing. I sing in my church.

When I performed last night there were quite a few people there but I was excited and happy. I was nervous when I saw the people but it was good.

In the future I want to look after my family. I am worried about my mum and dad because they are still not back from my country. My mum was very sick and went to Than Tlang and the doctor said they needed to go to Hakka. I was worried they were going to get hurt or something would happen to them. In my country they don’t have cars so they went on motorbikes and it is very dangerous.

I am sad when it is Mother’s Day and I can’t hug my mum and tell her I love her. I really hope one day I can see my mum. I keep her in my mind and want to make her proud of me. When I pray I ask God to help me and to be proud of my family and my country.

I am very excited and can’t sleep because we are driving to Auckland on Saturday. I am nervous because I get dizzy in the car.

My holiday was great and fun to visit our country’s people. I was a bit car sick on the way but we had a lot of fun in Auckland and had dinner together. We listened to songs and sang and joked around.

I want to look after my family because mum and my dad are not healthy. When my dad works hard his back is always sore and he can’t sleep at night or properly sit or move around. My mum had TB and didn’t eat lots of food and is tiny. When I was in Malaysia I wished I could make my family proud and they could live happily. When I have a job I will do my best and give my money to my family.

I was very nervous for multi-cultural day because I had to sing. It was exciting to see all the people and all the different dress and the dances. I liked the African and Samoan dancers best.

My auntie’s family is so busy. They have bought a new house and they are painting it and we are all super busy. When I get home from school I look after my cousins. My uncle is a painter and the boss.

My holiday was great. I helped my aunty move house and we invited our Chin people to come and we ate Chin food and had lots of fun. We went to the hill with our cousins and the road looked like my country. I really miss my country.

Last night we cooked English food it was so yummy and my cousins like it a lot. When my uncle got married lots of people from my country came and we were busy making food.

Last night my mum messaged me to say they are in Hakka because my little sister is very sick and they went to the hospital. My mum told me not to worry so much and to pray to God.

I am so nervous about the exam because it is the first time I have done one. I want to do well and will try my best.

When I was a little girl I lived with my mom and my dad. They were my only family and I was happy but wished I could have a sister or a brother because I don’t want to be the only daughter. My mum said we would ask God to give us a baby.

How to help

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