The funding is going towards improving at least 250 earthquake damaged homes within greater Christchurch.

New Zealand Red Cross and Community Energy Action (CEA) have partnered for the project, 'Healthy Homes' which began in January 2014 and runs through to 2017.

The goal of the project is to contribute to long term improvements in health and well-being of earthquake affected residents of greater Christchurch.

The majority of Christchurch homes are poorly or not insulated with 63% of Canterbury homes built before minimum insulation standards were introduced in 1977.

The extent of damage to housing in Christchurch by the earthquake links to the greater concern of health and well-being with the link between cold/damp housing and poor health well recognised.

Substantial improvements through improved installation and other energy efficiency measures are being implemented through the repair process.

The work 'Healthy Homes' is completing includes but is not restricted to, wall insulation, cosy domes for down lights, ventilation, curtains and window insulation kits.

Each home identified will have a CEA qualified energy advisor complete a home energy check and will receive a full report and an improvement plan, based on their findings.

Work will vary from house to house depending on the needs identified in the Home Energy Check and Home Improvement Plan.

During the Home Energy Check, the assessor will assess a home's eligibility in accordance with the following criteria;

  • has suffered earthquake-related damage;
  • is owner occupied;
  • is home to persons that are l8 years or younger and/or persons that are 65 years or older and/or persons with pre- existing health conditions;
  • is owned by a person or persons that is/are financially constrained and unable to afford the support likely to be required to improve their homes.