When a disaster hits New Zealand, an impressive level of generosity follows, sweeping through the entire country. From concerts and special coffee brews, to fundraising pages and mufti-days – everyone helps in their own way, including famous Kiwi artist Dick Frizzell.

New Zealand Red Cross was excited to hear Dick was gifting limited edition prints, titled ‘7 Mins’, to support our November Earthquake Appeal.

Dick titled, numbered, signed and dated all 25 prints. The first, and most valuable print, is now on Trade Me. Dick will keep the second print for his own collection and the 23 others will be sold by New Zealand Red Cross. All the money raised will go to our November earthquake appeal.

‘7 Mins’ is an adapted version of Dick’s tea towels ‘7 minutes’ produced a few years ago by the Kiwi artist with the instructions to cook a crayfish for ‘7 minutes like a saveloy’.

“We were living on the beach at Waimarama, Hawke’s Bay a few years ago and basically lived off crayfish. I was designing a range of tea towels for the now defunct Esther Diamond collection, and in the grand tradition of using what's at hand, ‘7 Minutes' just naturally evolved. With the image of the crayfish and the mention of saveloy, I was able to mash two Kiwi icons together in the one image. I knew it was special the minute I came up with it!” says Dick.

When Kaikoura was hit by the November earthquake last year, hundreds of crayfish were served by the local Marae to the people affected by the quakes. Dick’s team member came up with the idea of adapting '7 minutes' to Kaikoura to help the area.

“The concept of the special Kaikoura edition seemed like a natural fit. If people get excited about the work and bid hard for it, it's a win-win for everybody - Kaikoura, Red Cross... and the buyer!” says Dick.

118 response volunteers responded immediately to the earthquake, supporting thousands of affected people, delivering food parcels, blankets and tarpaulins. We're now providing grants for people with damaged homes.

The money raised from Dick Frizzell’s limited edition prints will support our work on the ground, which includes targeted grants and psychosocial (well-being) support for affected residents.

Place your bid!

The first print is being auctioned on Trade Me and the auction closes on Sunday 22 January at 8pm. Watch this space to find out when the other prints will go on sale.