What does being a retail shop volunteer involve?

A lot of variety in that you are receiving, sorting and pricing all types of donations as well as serving and interacting with customers. Other tasks include restocking and updating clothes racks, displaying shoes, housewares and books. General cleaning and tidying is expected to keep the shop presentable and manageable.

What inspired you to begin volunteering?

I wanted to be busy and social.

What do you know now that you didn’t when you started volunteering?

I can now operate the cash register and the iPad. I am proud that I have mastered these, as I used to be nervous and scared about using them. I was introduced to the steamer and think the difference it makes to the look of the clothes is amazing. Pricing has been learnt from looking around the shop and asking other volunteers and the manager. I now I have a good idea of what price to put on the label, except if it’s an item I haven’t seen before or a clothing brand I haven’t heard of.

What’s your favourite part about being a Red Cross member?

I love the variety of the work and the fact you don’t know what will be in the donated bags or boxes. I find there is always plenty of choice of what to do and that makes the work interesting and stimulating.