A new programme in Hawke’s Bay is helping Kiwi kids and their families prepare for disasters.

Developed in cooperation with Hawke’s Bay Civil Defence, Red Cross’ Let’s Get Ready workshop teaches children what to do in emergencies and encourages them to make a plan with their families at home.

Hawke’s Bay Community Trainer Lia Jugo says the programme, aimed at 7- to 10-year-olds, ensures children know what to do during emergencies such as tsunamis and earthquakes.

It is taught by Red Cross community trainers and members. During the course, children work in groups to discuss scenarios like not being able to get home, having no power or having to evacuate. They also read the book ‘Rūaumoko’s Walk’, which uses Māori legends to teach the warning signs of a tsunami.

They then take home a preparedness pack filled with resources and templates so they can talk with their parents about what they have learned and work together on creating a family emergency plan.

“The course is not just helping children get prepared - it’s also reaching their families and the wider community,” Lia says.

Find resources to help you and your family get prepared and plan for emergencies at getthru.govt.nz.